Through various community fundraisers and donor gifts, The DisABILITIES Foundation raises money which provides gap funding for programs and services of the Disabilities Board of Charleston County. Here are some of the important programs and services The DisABILITIES Foundation helps provide for.

Delicious Delights Bakery

At Delicious Delights, baked goods are prepared daily for Charleston area restaurants and businesses with the help of those with disabilities. Now in its 30th year of operation, the bakery offers these individuals an opportunity to learn a wide variety of job skills in the bakery and catering industry, while also interacting with fellow employees, and getting paid for their hard work. Delicious Delights currently has six trained staff members, and serves 30 people with developmental and related disabilities.

The bakery provides baked goods to five local restaurants as well as the T-Bonz Foundation.  Menu and pricing information is available upon request by calling the facility at (843)852-5513.

The Charles Webb Center

The Charles Webb Center is a developmental daycare operated by the Disabilities Board of Charleston, serving children with special needs from age 6 weeks through 10 years. The mission of the Center is to nurture each child’s growth and development though educational programs designed to enhance his or her self-esteem, and to strengthen social and language skills.

The Webb Center’s programs strive to maximize each child’s potential and to prepare the child for successful integration into the school system. With a staff ratio of 1:5, and collaboration with speech, occupational and physical therapists, early interventionists and service coordinators, the children are able to receive the individualized attention needed to address cognitive and social development, fine and gross motor skills as well as self-help skills.

Since 2010, the DisABILITIES Foundation has been raising money for the Charles Webb Center through their Avondale 5k Event sponsored in part by Triangle Char+Bar. All of the proceeds from the Avondale 5K race go directly to the Charles Webb Center to pay for classroom equipment, playground equipment, educational field trips, a full time school nurse and so much more. Without the help of the A5K, the Center would not be able to continue its service. For more information on the race visit

For more information on the Charles Webb Center please call the Director of Education at 843-852-5545.